ECS Ocean Sciences Town Hall

TH23G - The Ocean Observatories Initiative: a catalyst for early-career, interdisciplinary research

The NSF-funded Ocean Observatories Initiative (OOI) provides high-quality, multidisciplinary, freely-available oceanographic data to the wider community, lending opportunities for scientists to conduct novel research that is not dependent on traditional funding models. Given the heterogeneous and widely available nature of OOI data streams, there is a unique opportunity to nurture interdisciplinary research collaborations across all oceanographic disciplines, as well as atmospheric sciences, engineering, and data science. However, a multi-disciplinary capacity needs to be developed in order to fully exploit the potential of the OOI data. This town hall is targeted towards everyone with an interest in or experience using and managing OOI data, with a focus on early career engagement. The goals of this town hall are to:

(1) promote increased collaboration through the development of a community of practice centered around OOI, with an emphasis on including early career scientists,

(2) develop open-access community tools that can be utilized to access and analyze OOI data,

(3) create a mechanism for providing feedback and recommendations from OOI data users for the evolution of future ocean observing capacity.

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